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Motivating conservatives to the polls by increasing political intelligence through constant evaluation of messages and methods

  • Messaging & Method

    To motivate people to the polls, which is more important - the message or the method of delivery? People's Majority knows the best answer is both. Having the best message in the world and delivering it with an imperfect method will fail. Likewise, a poor message with an excellent method will also fail. Our research constantly tests both message and method, making sure the voters have the best information in hand as they go to the polls. Great messages and great methods means great motivation come election day.
  • Experimental Design

    With billions spent in the political arena, how are returns on political investment quantified? If gauged by electoral results, it is clear that money has not been well spent. People's Majority manages all political operations through Randomized Experimental Design, which properly evaluates any activity by setting specific political goals and measuring quantified effectiveness. Unlike the outdated generation of current political operatives, the success of People's Majority is rooted in hard data, not promises or excuses.
  • Sequential Data Mining

    People's Majority's research in Sequential Pattern Mining Data identifies uncommon trends in common data because the political landscape is changing faster than ever. Hypothesis and assumptions from last year are already outdated, making our work in mapping voter influence and relationships an integral part of political intelligence improvement.
  • Digital Advocacy

    Productivity has grown exponentially, as our lives become more interconnected each day. People's Majority has established political productivity by leaping into the paperless environment and developing the latest in mobile campaigning. Smart Strike Lists, Wide Area Voter Attainment and Mobile Development are trusted and verified tools used by People's Majority. Many aspire to obtain social media metrics along the lines of "Followers" and "Likes" but we believe earned votes are more important.

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Meet the team

Paul Hatch

Founding Principal

Paul Hatch is a political and campaign veteran with thirty years of experience. He has spent much of his career on gubernatorial elections, but has also served candidates running for offices from mayor to the presidency of the United States.

A native of Salt Lake City, Utah, Paul is a lawyer by training and experience with an undergraduate background in finance, economics and management.

After working with many Utah candidates, Paul moved to Washington, DC in 1993 to serve as Political Director of the RGA. He was instrumental in the tremendous electoral success of gubernatorial candidates in 1994, when they gained 12 governorships to a total of 29 statehouses. He became Executive Director of the RGA in late 1994 and created the finance model still used today. During his three-year tenure, governorships increased from 17 to 32, the highest number since the turn of the 20th century.

From the RGA, Paul moved to the RNC where he served as the Chairman of Victory '96, the party's 50-state fund-raising initiative. He continued to assist the party in raising millions of dollars and in working with the various political committees and party leaders across the country in deploying such resources.

Paul currently divides his time between a DC-based political and communications firm, where he is a founding principal, and People's Majority.


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People's Majority is currently reviewing voter data from the 2012 Presidential, 33 Senate, 435 House and 12 Gubernatorial elections and meeting with leaders from across the nation. While People's Majority is a leader in campaign tech, we can't do it alone. A smarter and advanced election process starts with your support of People's Majority.

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